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    Dog Bites & Dog Attacks

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    Dog Bites & Dog Attacks

    In Massachusetts, the owner of that animal is automatically responsible for your injuries if you were attacked by a specific breed of dog, including:

    • Rottweilers
    • German Shepherds
    • Pit bulls
    • Police or other security dogs

    This is called strict liability, which is a type of law that protects the public from animals with dangerous propensities.  However, if you have suffered a dog bite when attacked by another type of dog or animal, you may also be eligible for compensation for your physical and emotional injuries. This often depends on the animal having a history of aggressive behavior or prior attacks. The Law Offices of Graham N. Wright, with offices in Braintree and Boston, Massachusetts is an experienced law firm with the knowledge and skills to present the best possible case no matter what your particular dog bite case entails.

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