Contingency Law Firm for Injured Brockton, MA Clients

The Law Offices of Graham N. Wright, Esq. offers comprehensive legal support to injured individuals in Brockton, MA its neighboring communities. Whether you’re seeking legal guidance for a personal injury, social security disability, or long term disability matter, our well-practiced injury lawyer is ready and willing to handle your case.

Injuries Involving Negligence

For victims of negligence-induced accidents, the negative impacts they face aren’t always restricted to their physical, mental, and/or emotional wellbeing. In many cases, victims of personal injury often find it difficult to adequately cover their medical and physical rehabilitation expenses due to lost wages and time at work. If you’re in need of a settlement to help you avoid financial difficulties, our personal injury lawyer will work with you side-by-side toward obtaining reasonable compensation.

Long Term Disability

If you’ve become physically or mentally disabled and are unable to obtain the LTD benefits you’ve paid for, contact us at the Law Offices of Graham N. Wright. Whether the insurance company your policy was purchased through is claiming you don’t meet the requirements to collect benefits, or you’re being cut off inexplicably, we’ll work diligently to ensure that you and your family are given the coverage you’re entitled to receive.

Other Types of Disability

In addition to cases involving long term disability benefits, we also handle claims surrounding SSDI, SSI, veteran’s disability, children’s disability, and spousal disability benefits. Graham N. Wright, our qualified disability lawyer, is ready to assist Brockton, MA clients with retrieving the benefits they require, whether they’re unable to work a steady job due to an illness, or have been disabled while on active duty.